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After years of experience installing nearly every type of window known to man, our team at Green Built Roofing noticed a common weakness shared by many of them. We recognized that many of these windows were not as cost effective or energy efficient as they could be. That's why we decided to have our own special type of window manufactured, the “Reflection Hybrid Window.”

Our “Reflection Hybrid Window” has had industry-leading energy efficiency ratings since its birth, taking care of one of the major weaknesses we observed in other types of windows. The “Reflection Hybrid Window” also operates like a double hung window but is priced the same as a single hung window, making it an extremely cost-effective option. This makes the “Reflection Hybrid Window” not just an industry leader in terms of energy efficiency, but also one of the most cost-effective options available on the market today.

Are you interested in having a Reflection Hybrid Window installed in your home? Give us a call at 1-844-906-1063 or click below to schedule your free estimate today in Holland, Dorr, Wyoming, and nearby Michigan!

Hybrid Window Features

  • Easy Cleaning: Unique window stop system allows for easy cleaning.
  • Attractive and Secure: Color matched hardware securely locks the sash together and compliments the beautiful window design.
  • Extreme Energy Efficiency: Triple weather-stripping provides comfort and maximized energy- efficiency, saving you money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Customizable Height: Standard dual vent latches control sash opening height.
  • Easy to Operate: A stainless steel constant force balance system allowing for fingertip operation.
  • Double Hung Performance at Single Hung Price: Single hung that performs like a double hung.

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Are you looking for an affordable and yet energy efficient window option? Look no further than our “Reflection Hybrid Window.” We have the industry leading window option that you need and can comfortably afford. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate in Dorr, Holland, Wyoming, and nearby Michigan!

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