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Green Built Roofing Case Studies: Roof Repair- Lansing, MI

Friday, March 22nd, 2019 by Mike Chachulski


This customer called us with a roof leak and couldn't find where the leak was coming from but assumed the chimney.

Our roof inspector was on site that day. Upon inspection he found that the chimney had old rusty galvanized steel flashing that was allowing water to get under. And plastic plumbing pipe vents that were cracked. The rubber boots at the base of the pipes were old and worn but not yet leaking. The roof had some damaged shingle as well


Our inspector advised the customer where the leak was coming from, the cracked plumbing vents as well as the damaged shingles. He let the customer know Green Built Roofing does offer roof repair and we could fix the chimney and replace the pipe vents and boots. But also advised them that the roof was due to be replaced.

Customer decided at this time just to have roof repairs done to fix the leak. And would contact us this spring to replace the roof!

The inspector had our repair tech meet him at the home. The tech put new flashing around chimney to ensure the water would flow away from chimney and no longer get trapped. And replaced the plastic pipes and boots with metal as they last longer.

No more leaks, happy customer!

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