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Green Built Roofing Case Studies: Roof Replaced- Holland, MI

Friday, November 16th, 2018 by Mike Chachulski


This roof was covered in moss. Moss is more of an appearance problem at the start of its life, but as it grows it will trap moisture against the roofs surface and in freezing climates will cause damage to the shingle granular. Moss can be brushed off carefully and professionally at first sight.

Unfortunately that wasn't done in time for this roof. The moisture being trapped against this roof by the layer of thick moss, damaged the shingles which caused leaking and the roof deck had started to get soft. 


After careful inspection Green Built Roofing along with the customer decided that with the area of roof damaged it was urgent to replace not only the roof but the roof deck. Our roof crew tore off old roof, and installed new Timberline HD roof system as well as advised customer to cut back limbs of a large tree causing the shaded moist area of the roof to ensure the new roof last its lifetime.

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