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Green Built Roofing Case Studies: Roof Replaced- Ionia, MI 48846

Thursday, February 28th, 2019 by Mike Chachulski


The problem with this roof is that it didn't have the proper venting which caused the attic to get moisture in it, which rotted the roof deck and then of course once the roof deck is rotted it started to leak. The customer noticed the water inside once it by seeing water spots on the ceiling.


We had our inspector go out and access the damage. That is when the inspector seen the rotted roof, some missing shingles, and no ridge vent. He met with customer let them know of all damage, cost to replace roof, and let them know that we could get in fixed quickly! Customer couldn't refuse the price, and the fact that we would have it fixed so quickly. 

The next day we installed the Timberline HD roof system, after replacing all the rotted roof deck!  Looks great, customer is happy, problem solved!


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