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Green Built Roofing Case Studies: Multi-Level Re-roof in Three Oaks, Michigan

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 by Mike Chachulski


We had a customer come to us with some major issues with their deteriorating roofing system and needed to get it fixed fairly fast. When we got out to the site, we found out that the house also had a number of additions that were constructed over the course of the previous owners stay. All in all, there were five seperate levels of roofing that needed to be checked thuroughly to make sure that we found all of the issues at hand. And to make matters even more complex, they werent all the same type of roofing. 


On our first visit out to the site, our Installation Manager did a thurough check of each of the five different levels of roofing. This check is imparitive when it comes to planning to make sure that we have accounted for each of the major issues. Once our installation manager took his measurements and drawings of the roofing, we were able to get an exact estimate on the project and exactly what was all going to be needed to complete this intricate task. 

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