Case Studies

Case Studies

Roof Repair- Lansing, MI
This customer called us with a roof leak and couldn't find where the leak was coming from but assumed the chimney. Our roof inspector was on site that day. Upon inspection...
Roof Replaced- Holland, MI
This roof was covered in moss. Moss is more of an appearance problem at the start of its life, but as it grows it will trap moisture against the roofs surface and in freezing...
Siding, windows, roof replaced-Hastings, MI
This customer came to us when they seen us on another job and watched the other home transform as we replaced the roof, siding, and windows. They contacted us with a shingled...
Roof Replaced- Ionia, MI 48846
The problem with this roof is that it didn't have the proper venting which caused the attic to get moisture in it, which rotted the roof deck and then of course once the roof...
Roof Replacement-Kalamazoo, MI
This customer called with a leaking roof. This was a low slope roof. With a low slope roof, the wind will lift shingles and drive rain water underneath them. Upon inspection...
Replacement Windows Installed- Plainwell, MI
These windows were old wood windows, that either wouldnt open and close properly or had rotted frames.
Vinyl Siding Installation- Allegan, MI
This house was left by another company with the old siding torn off and part of the home wrapped in tyvek. It was a complex job but nothing we couldnt handle. 
Roof Replacement- Dorr, MI
Age was the cause for this new roof. This roof was 15 years old, was faded, missing some granules and ready to be replaced.
New Roof Installed- Grand Rapids, MI
Home owner has had his home on the market for some time. With no luck of selling it. He enlist in a realtor to help him sell his home. He told us they went over things that...
Trapezoid Windows Replaced- Grand Rapids
This customer came to us because they couldn't find anyone that could replace there old trapezoid windows. Our window manager, met with the customers, went over a couple of...
Siding repair- Grand Rapids, MI
Customer called and a tree had fallen in her back yard and it thankfully only damaged a little bit of her siding. 
Roof Replaced- Wyoming, MI
The problem with this roof is it had leak problems in the low pocket areas of the roof. Customer having to use heat cables to control the leaks. Low slope pockets are more...
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